Quality is the life of the HYX MOLD. We strive to produce high qualify plastic injection mold and molding parts each time, all the time for our customers.

The plant of HYX MOLD is certified ISO9001:2000. This guarantee that we have a consistent and effective quality system in place to meet our customers’ quality needs. We attach great importance on defining and documenting these needs for each part of a project in order to minimize the errors once production is underway. We insist on ethical conduct at all times which is a commitment to act with honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of our quality control.

HYX MOLD is committed to achieving and maintaining the satisfaction of our customers by meeting or exceeding all of their requirements, delivering defect-free products on time and providing competitive prices. We pledge our efforts, people, and resources to fulfill this commitment.

Our quality policy is simple and clear: ” Produce parts Within Specification, Deliver On Time, Every Time!”

We accomplish this through control of upstream process variables, inspection and testing, and verification of performance using documentation and statistical tools. Some manufacturers concentrate on just parts of injection molding process. At HYX MOLD, we focus on quality control for every aspect of your injection molding project. From creating the molds to making the machines to high-tech inspecting to assembly, we take responsibility for quality every step of the way. We use the PDCA (Plan->Do->Check->Action) cycle to control the fully procedure of each project.

Our Quality Control Procedure including:

  • Mold design Inspection
  • Mold Core & Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection

    high quality control system

    high quality control system

  • Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection
  • Mold Trial Report & Samples Inspection
  • Mold Customized testing as requested
  • Pre-mass production sample test
  • Written Quality Assurance Plans for every part
  • Hourly inspections on every part with samples retained
  • Sample inspections on each batch production
  • QC control before delivery

HYX MOLD‘s staff are generally quality-conscious individuals with a serious work ethic. Doing things right is how we grew up. At HYX MOLD, the workforce is people who do things right the first time, every time.

In the past years, We competed successfully with the best manufacturing plants in China to support our overseas customers, and our quality keeps them coming back to us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our quality and service.

Remember, Consistent high-quality plastic molds and injection molded parts at competitive prices, “just-in-time” delivery are examples of the value-added benefits we deliver.

When you need a plastic injection mold, part and even machining metal parts, Please turn to HYX MOLD, you will get what you need. Come to see what we making!