Sincere Tech Plastic Moulding is one of the premier practitioners of Scientific Plastic Molding Company. This practice is done by taking the plastics point of view when establishing the requirements necessary for forming identical parts consistently. A scientific approach is taken to establish all molding variables. Many traditional opinions are held invalid unless substantiated by data.
We start by understanding the four critical components of any successful plastics application:

  1. Piece part design
  2. Material selection and handling
  3. Tool design and construction
  4. Processing

Each of these components is equally important! Each must be done correctly. At the heart of Scientific Molding is the scientific ability to detect the areas in which problems lie and to document the problems with data rather than personal opinions. From the beginning of any new project, each component is represented and the hard compromises made early. This keeps the program on track and on time with fewer revisions in the prototype of production stages. In each area, decisions are made that affect the other three. Sometimes a compromise must be made. Industry history often shows that when compromises are made in part design or in the choice of plastic, it is the molder that lives with the problem and has to compensate for it. Using Scientific Molding, Day’s Molding ensures that each of the four areas is developed concurrently. Since no one person is an expert in all areas, all designs and decisions are professionally reviewed in the early stages of a project.

Sincere Tech Plastic Mold Company sees the major trends in the industry as thin walls, complex parts and multi-cavity tools which narrow processing windows. As a result, process control and process monitoring have become critical. Through proper process monitoring, it is possible to have an ultra-sound picture of the process and gain complete control. Master cycle cards are scientifically developed. These set-up guides are machine independent and work on any properly functioning injection molding machine. These sheets are short and easy to write-up or print out from process monitoring equipment.

Plastic Moulding strategies are based on the four key processing variables-each scientifically established. They are:

  1. Plastic temperature
  2. Plastic flow rate
  3. Plastic pressure
  4. Cooling rate and time

The basic premise in this strategy is simple: the molding machine adapts to viscosity changes in the current shot. This is why ST Plastic Molding equipment purchases are based on world-class (not necessarily expensive or closed-loop) standards that allow us to process scientifically.

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