The plastic injection molding machine for rapid prototyping

The HYX’s plastic injection molding machine eliminates the need for expensive molds with long lead times. It is especially designed to make injection molding of plastics economical and practical in the quantities required for rapid prototyping, testing, samples, new product design and development, and low-volume annual production.

Keeping the new product designs confidential
Our small plastic molding machine is easy to setup and operate “in-house”. In addition, HYX’s plastic injection molding solution often cost less than conventional molds alone. It is truly a low-risk, low-cost alternative to getting the prototypes and samples developed by 3rd party plastic injection molders. The example applications include plastic parts for the engineering, automotive, electronics and biomedical / new medical devices.

is the answer for rapid prototyping, product testing,Plastic molding
and short-run plastic injection molding jobs
Economical – low-cost tooling – usually of aluminum
Versatile – plastic mold most thermoplastics – manual & semi-automatic
Quick & easy setup and operation
Fast project turn around – shortens lead times
Large capacity – 2 or 4 oz. prototype shot size (up to 6 cu. in.)
plastic injection molding machine More about the HYX’s’ plastic injection molding machines

About HYX Capacity.

HYX has highly qualified mould designers and uses all the usual softwares for CAD and CAM (Pro-Engineer, UG, Ideas, Catia, Auto CAD, Autodesk, CAM-tools).
The mold flow is always run.

The Quality control department has very high standards, based on Japanese quality expectations. Fon-Star is the leader in term of Quality Assurance for tooling and molding (molded parts).


Our experience in tooling (Precision Injection Molds / Plastic injection moulds):
  • Molds for high volume, hi-speed production, thin wall production
  • Gas assisted injection molds
  • Molds with complex hot runner systems
  • Two color injection molds / dual-shot moulds (Double injection, 2 shot injection)
  • In-mould / Inlay decoration molds (IMD, IML, IMF, IMR)
  • Optical parts, Ultra Precision Molds
  • Injection moulds up to 2500 Tons of clamping force (Weight until 30 Tons)
  • In-house mould trials until 1050 Tons of clamping force
Sectors / markets for Plastic Injection Parts (Injection Molding):
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive structural parts
  • Video surveillance systems (Bulletproof domes)
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial Parts
  • Optical Lens Plastic Parts
  • Medical Plastic Parts
  • Sport Plastic Parts
Secondary processes (Secondary operations): 
  • FMMS molding (Fon-Star Mold Molding System) or it can also be called RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding)
  • Ultrasonic Welding (US welding)
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Dip-coating (Hard-coating)
  • Laser etching, Laser graving
  • Sputtering coating (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition or PECVD)
  • EMI shielding (Electromagnetic interferences shielding)
  • Waterproof technology
Know-how / Value added: 
  • Thin wall molding
  • Complex moulds
  • Hot runner systems
  • Optical Lens molding
  • Gas-assisted molding
  • LED / LCD frame molding
  • Double injection molding making and molding (Dual-shot, 2 color injection, two shot injection)
  • Insert molding / Over-molding
  • In-mould decoration (IMD, IMF, IML, IMR)