Flexible Manufacturing Solutions for Plastic Injection Molding

HYX MOLD Plastics corporate mission is wholly centered upon meeting the unique needs of our clients. From the comprehensive scope of our services (from design, to molding, decoration, assembly, packaging and distribution) to our process efficiency and timely delivery that ensures your products are available according to your timetable, HYX MOLD Plastics delivers on our commitment.

At HYX MOLD Plastics, we are acutely aware of that fact that every project is different, and each client’s needs are unique. As such, we have fashioned our own processes to be flexible, and assembled a team of the most experienced professionals in the field to accommodate the specialized needs of our clients.

Some of the ways we’ve met the unique manufacturing needs of our clients include:

  • For clients, like Toter, we offer the flexibility to respond to their constantly changing schedule and for a price that is competitive.
  • To others, such as Medtox, we offer the personal attention that is not possible with larger molders, while providing equal engineering and prototyping services.
  • For clients such as Marpac, we offer the engineering, quality, and customer service that was lacking in a former molder with whom they had done business.
  • Yet for others, such as Confluence, we have streamlined the supply chain, eliminating multiple suppliers and providing engineering services they did not have.
  • For Incutech and Bausch and Lomb, we offer clean room molding along with medical devices certification.

Plastic Industry Experience and Longevity

We follow manufacturing industry developments and changes in technology that impact our practices in injection molding and other operations to stay on the leading edge of the custom molding plastics industry. The HYX MOLD Plastics team is a group of highly skilled, motivated processors, engineers, inspectors, and support associates who use a collaborative approach to develop the best processes and environment that will provide timely, consistent products meeting the specifications of our clients.

Repeat clients are the best testimonials to the exceptional design, procurement and logistical solutions that we provide. Examples, such as 15 years of molding parts of drug test kits for one customer, to 12 years running multiple lids for a waste management company, and over 10 years supplying parts used in transporting nuclear materials for another client, attest to the accomplishment of our mission, which is “to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in all areas of our business.

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