To meet the Custom Injection Molding or Sub-Contract Manufacturing need, we usually supply follow manufacturing service. HYX MOLD understanding well of industrial plastic materials. We processes and specializes in many engineering-grade materials including ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PSU, PET, PBT, PPS, POM, Flexible PVC,PVDF, Silica Gel, even some special material such as PEEK so on. In addition, we can process some metal materials such as aluminum and zinc alloy .Our manufacture process as follows:


Over molding combines plastics with materials like rubber to form a completed part. It’s a two step process, the over molding process uses a pre-formed plastic part placed into a mold. The second material is then injected into the mold, covering all or part of the first part. Over molding is a good choice if you want to mold a rubber piece onto a piece of hard plastic.”

Insert Molding 

Insert Molding Combining metal & plastic component in an injection process is not an easy task. Having close partnership with some of the best metal stamping companies, HYX MOLD provides high quality insert molded components to customers in the electronics, industrial, and consumer goods industries.

insert molding

insert molding

Two shot Molding 

Two-shot process first injects one color material into the mold, then injects the second color around or over the first. It’s a cost-effective method to produce plastic parts with two or more colors molded at the same time, such as remote control buttons or dashboard faceplates.

Precision Molding

HYX MOLD‘s Precision Injection molding is done in a temperature-controlled environment installed with automatic precision injection machines together with centralized material feeding system. We provide close tolerance engineered resins of mechanical drive components, gears, and plastic part for coffee machines and so on.

Die Casting, Metal Sheet

HYX MOLD is able to produce aluminum and zinc die-castings for various applications in industrial, consumer, agricultural, and automotive sectors. We have hot and cold chamber die casting machines with the necessary supporting equipment to manufacture die castings to meet customers’ quality and specification requirements.
We also process some aluminum and alloy metal for some sheets, boxes, panels, knobs , Bezels and so on.

Surface Treatment

HYX MOLD has the advanced Dust-Free automated spray printing production line and many screen-printing, pad printing, heat printing production lines. For the metal materials we can process surface anode oxidation, electroplate, heat printing, etc.


HYX MOLD ‘s assembly lines is very effective. We can provide customers with electronic and mechanical parts assembly, testing and inspection. QC stations are along the assembly line as required and considered part of the production process control.

Our capabilities of Production as follows:
·  Injection Molding
·  Special Technology Molding
·  Over-Molding
·  Two Shot Molding
·  Insert Molding (plastic and rubber with metal insert)
·  Die Casting
·  precision molding
·  Sheet machining
·  surface processing
·  Assembly