Production Tool Room
Since the quality of any injection molded part begins with the quality and condition of the mold, we maintain an internal tooling operation for the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of our customer’s production tooling. Numerous CNC machining centers are available including wire and sinker EDM machines, a CNC 3D milling center, surface grinders, lathes, and drill presses.

HYX MOLD mainly supply following kind of mold making and part manufacturing.

  • Over-Molding
  • Insert Molding

    Plastic Mold Shop

    Plastic Mold Shop

  • Two shot Molding 
  • Close-Tolerance Molding
  • Metal part machining

    From Tool design, build till mold trial test, we can finish the whole work within 3~6 weeks for different mold. During the making process, we will supply weekly report and photos of mold to customer to know the process well.

    HYX MOLD’s Good Quality of mold making is determined not only by modern equipment, but also by Professional Management Personnel and Experienced Workers. They are conscientious and rigorous to each component in the course of production. From design to material choose, till making mold is implemented according to strict standard procedure .That ensures the quality of mold and manufacturing parts. The good mold is the guarantee of plastic products’ quality. It is also the source of the customers’ wealth, HYX MOLD’s faith.

    For Mold Trial ,HYX MOLD fully tests all molds in-house and trials are conducted on modern machines and auxiliary equipment. Trial reports and process data are provided to customer for rapid start up. We can sure about tight quality control to guarantee excellent product each time, every time. Mold trial samples will be provided to customers to confirm in time together with “Part Dimension Inspection Report”.

    HYX MOLD knows well that the quality and stability of metal materials are very important to mold making. Our customers have more confidence on our metal materials with strict QC standard and advanced quality control system such as ultrasonic detecting, chemical composition analysis, metallographic microstructure analysis, tensile strength testing, etc. We choose the best available metal steel four our customer.

Our capabilities ofDevelopment and making
·  Custom Engineering
·  Mold Flow Analysis
·  Structural Analysis
·  Mold Cooling circulat Analysis
·  Warpage Analysis
·  Vacuum Casting Prototypes
·  Rapid Prototyping