The Olayer hair straightener manufacturers and hair dryer manufacturer is one of the leaders in affordable companies in making hair styling tools. If you are looking for a high quality, affordable lightweight powerful hair dryer, can fill your needs. Olayer hair dryer factory offers so many different products that the hair dryers alone are organized into categories on their official site. You can choose from basic hair dryers, ceramic hair dryers, ionic hair dryers, styler hair dryers, compact dryers, wall mount dryers and even bonnet style dryers. With all this selection it can be hard to know what to choose. However with a little know-how you can select the ideal dryer for your hair.

Unless your hair is in perfect condition you probably aren’t going to want a basic hair dryer. These hair dryers are traditional in design and operation and may damage delicate hair. It is recommended that everyone use a heat protectant spray or serum before using any kind of heat styling or drying tool. The upside of the basic dryers is their very affordable price. Ceramic dryers cost a bit more but are worth it. Ceramic dryers work faster which means less drying time and less damage. Ionic dryers are the same way, because of the negative ions that are blasted onto the hair from the dryer.

The ions break up water drops into easily absorbable particles that add moisture to the hair. Also because the particles are smaller your hair will dry more quickly. You may even notice shinier, smoother hair thanks to the ionic technology. The next category is styler hair dryers. These dryers look like brushes with vents and blow out hot air to dry your hair while you are styling it. Compact dryers are perfect for travel due to their smaller size, with some even being foldable. Some of the travel dryers have ionic technology as well.

Then there are wall mount dryers that are hung on the wall for easy convenience and storage. Bonnet dryers are very similar to the dryers found in salons except they can be used at home and the hood is soft and flexible. Bonnet dryers are perfect for heat setting rollers and activating thermal conditioning treatments. When shopping for any kind of reasonably priced hair dryer, Olayer hair dryer manufacturers is sure to meet your styling and drying needs.