Our engineering staff can provide full design assistance for your project including part design, 2D and 3D renderings, SLA part prototypes, tool manufacturing and sample part molding. Additional services include generating reference drawings and technical schematics and interaction with your in-house engineering staff to provide direction on the injection molding process. From initial project conception to final part shipment, we have the capability and expertise to insure your project is successful.

We maintain Pro-Engineer, UG and AutoCad design software as well as CAM systems for machine programming. Designing your parts on a 3D platform allows you visual analysis of your components from a perspective unavailable on traditional 2D renderings. This perspective insures “form and fit” issues are identified and resolved prior to tool construction. SLA prototypes are available to insure the part is right the first time, minimizing tool modification and part rework costs.

We also do Mold flow Analysis during our mold design period.
Mold design  procedure

1. Meeting before design

2. Make design according to conclusion, and check by design manager

3. Send to customer to confirm and make analysis

4. Discuss with customer if any issues

5. Make final design after approved

Design department