Our Facility

HYX MOLD is conveniently located in ZhongSan City, GuangDong Province, China. is certified ISO9001:2000. Our 12,000 square meter facility includes both the injection molding operation as well as a full service plastic mold factory. The plant operates 24 hours per day, 5 days per week with the capacity for continuous production as needed to meet specific delivery requirements. We can provide short or long production runs as dictated by product volume requirements and routinely provide JIT, KAN BAN, and Vendor Managed Inventory programs for our customers.

Machine Capabilities

Plastic mold Company

Plastic mold Company

Utilizing 18 injection molding machines with clamping pressures from 55 to 600 tons, HYX MOLD can produce plastic components in a wide variety of sizes and production volumes. We have the experience to run virtually all types of commodity and engineered thermoplastic resins, and employ the lean manufacturing work cell concept for a variety of secondary operations.


With the basic belief that product quality is most effectively controlled at the machine, HYX MOLD utilizes a fully integrated Process Monitoring System to collect, analyze, and report data on machine operation, production quality, and other manufacturing attributes.

Other capabilities include production scheduling, maintenance scheduling, machine and process capability studies as well as part and material lot traceability. The system has SPC functions to provide full quality documentation of control limits, process status and product non-conformance analysis. This data allows our personnel to constantly evaluate our processes and, if needed, provide detailed reports for our customers.

Superior Resources/ Superior Information

Our people have many years of experience in injection mold manufacturing and the production of injection molded parts. While we provide these highly skilled people the best equipment and technology available, our experience has taught us the value of something more important. Information. We ask the right questions before the project is started. How will the parts be used? What are the cost pressures faced by our customers and how can we be part of a solution? How can we help achieve your objectives through better mold design, material selection or process control?
A quality product delivered on time at a competitive price is only the beginning. We realize that long-term customer relationships are built not only on the satisfaction that comes from meeting today’s needs, but also the confidence of solving tomorrow’s challenges.

Mold Making Capacity

We have flexible production capacity for small till large runs. Our plant was equipped with the most up-to-date machines, such as CNC Machine Center, EDM, Wire EDM, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Lathe Machine, Co-ordinate Measuring Machine, Optical Projector and other special machines. With modernized facilities, HYX MOLD has become a complete supplier to overseas customers.

Our abilities in Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, Tooling Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Molding and Assembly along with Procurement capability, make us offer Innovative ‘Fully Manufacturing Solutions’ which result in strategic and competitive advantage for our customers.

HYX MOLD warmly invite you to our facility for a plant tour, If you are serious about pursuing business with us and developing your business.