We are A Mold Manufacturer in China

HONGKONG HAOYUANXING MOULD CO.LTD(ZHOONG SAN YOUYUAN MOLD CO.LTD). located in ZhongSan City, Guangdong Province, China. We  engaged in Engineering and technical support,Prototyping, plastic mold making, plastic injection manufacturing, surface treatment and assembly. In addition, we can process some metal materials such as aluminum and zinc alloy.

What we offer–– to be a recognized expert and industry leader in custom injection molding field. Over the Past 15 years, Hyx mold has served their customers through the successful development and production of diverse plastic products and component parts.

Hyx mold Molded Concepts, we mold parts of virtually any commodity, engineering plastic for much areas. What we manufacturing? Including Precision plastic Mold, tool Cases, lenses, electric housings, covers, Bins , bezels ,other plastic parts for all industries. We provide our customers with high quality plastic injection molds, reasonable price, fast delivery and good service to ensure our timely pace of entering into the market of new products, our good business cooperation with customers from USA, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Southeast and North Africa countries has laid a solid foundation .

molded plastics including, ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, PSU, PET, PBT, PPS, POM, Flexible PVC,PVDF, Silica Gel, even some special material such as PEEK ,so on.

At Hyx mold , we build more than plastic molds and more than injection molded parts. We build trust and we mold relationships that you can count on for life.

Hyx mold, The worldwide manufacturing base can keep your products staying Competitive

Process Expertise

Insert Molding
Two shot Molding
Precision Molding
Metal part machining

Served Field

Industrial  Medical
Consumer,office&household parts

Project Management

Engineering Design
Mold Making
Engineering Changes
Mold Maintenance and Repair

Value Added Services

Pad Printing
Hot Stamping
Silk_screen printing
Ultrasonic welding
Sub Assemblies

Our Service Principles as follows:

  • Treat the People We Serve with Respect and Courtesy at All Times.
  • Respect the Privacy and Confidentiality Needs of the People We Serve.
  • Anticipate the Wants and Needs of Those We Serve and Respond Promptly.
  • Provide Weekly Report of Project Progress and Photos to our customers
  • Act to Reverse Negative Service Situations as Quickly as Possible Using “Acknowledge, Accept and Amend.”
  • Work to Actively Listen and Communicate with the People We Serve.

Demonstrate a Sense of Ownership and Pride toward Our Work, Recognizing that It Is a Reflection of Professional service If you want know more about our order process and project management, please click